Cloth Mask FAQ's

During this unprecedented time for our world due to Covid19, we have recently pivoted our clothing business to provide high quality and beautiful masks that are handmade here in our beloved San Francisco Bay Area.

Due to the unexpectedly high demand for masks, our small team of four has had to take on producing and shipping out masks to our customers. Similarly, our volume of email inquiries have increased drastically, and in order for us to put our primary focus on getting your mask orders out as quickly as possible, we have put together this FAQ page in hopes that some of your questions can be answered here. If you do not find a satisfactory answer to your questions, please do not hesitate to email us at 

Do your masks come with nose wires/a bendable metal piece to go over the bridge of the nose?

No, our cloth masks currently do not come with the nose wire piece. They do come with a pocket for filters.

Do your masks come with filters?

No, our cloth masks do not come with filters, but they do have a pocket for filters. You may use any type of filter you would like.

What is the maximum dimension for a filter that can fit within the filter pocket?

Our adult masks measure approximately 8"x 6", so we would suggest a filter size of about 7"x 5". Youth size masks measure approximately 7"x 5", so a 6"x 4" filter can fit nicely. 

Do your masks come with an adjustable elastic loop?

Yes, even though our mask product page shows just the mask without the elastic, every mask will come pre-tied with soft elastic loops that can be adjusted to fit comfortably for you. You simply untie the elastic and re-tie to desired length, and then tuck the knot into the casing. This not only gives you a clean look, but also helps to keep the elastic ends from fraying in the wash. 

I placed an order with you recently/a while ago, where is my order?

Please note that due to the volume of masks we have to cut and sew, sort, pack, and ship, we do have an estimated turn around time of between 2-4 weeks for mask orders. This is in part due to materials often being delayed from our vendors (fabrics and elastics), and also due to our current limitation of a small team of 4 (5 if you add the owner's daughter who loves to help!) to do everything as quickly as we possibly can. We have hired additional help to expedite this process, but as we must also adhere to social distancing protocols so that we can safely ship your orders out to you, this sadly means we can only have a limited number of people in the office at a time. In the near future, we hope to have most masks "ready-to-ship", but until we get caught up with our volume of pre-orders in the near future, our turnaround time cannot be shortened. 

We truly appreciate your patience and support during this time. 

That said, if you did place an order with us, you should have definitely received an order confirmation email. If you cannot locate it, please be sure to check your SPAM mailbox as many of these emails land in SPAM. If that still does not help, please email customer service so we can resend your order confirmation email. 

As soon as your order ships within this estimated 2-4 week window, you will receive another shipping confirmation email with your tracking number. Please do note that shipments are taking longer than usual during this pandemic. We appreciate your patience!

What carrier do you use to ship masks?
For orders shipping within the US, all orders are shipped via US Postal Service. If you need your order to be shipped via UPS, please leave a note in your order or send us an email at

Orders shipping outside of the US are shipped via US Postal Service for Standard Shipping and DHL Express for Express Shipping.

There is a huge delay in international shipping via US Postal Service, so if you need your order sooner than later, we highly recommend selecting Express Shipping.

Please note that we ship all international orders as "Merchandise" and you may be subject to custom duties or import taxes once the shipment reaches your country. Customers are responsible for these costs and we recommend checking with your local customs office for more information.

Can my mask order be expedited? 
We do offer expedited shipping options, and prioritize those orders in the week that they ship. Please see our shipping information page for options.

Can you ship masks internationally? 

Yes! We welcome international orders and have customers all over the globe. Please note that shipping in general will take longer during this pandemic. Please visit our shipping information page for international shipping options.

What is the care instruction for my cloth mask?

We send out care instructions with each mask order in the form of a small business card sized insert, as well as have them written specifically for each product, but for those who do not have that information handy, this is what we would recommend:

For cotton or cotton/blend masks:
Hand or machine wash warm with mild detergent. Warm iron if needed. Tumble dry low or line dry. For cotton gauze fabrics (like our scattered petals and cream floral color ways), we also recommend placing them in a laundry net to be washed on delicate cycle.

For linen or linen blend masks:
Hand or machine wash in cool water with mild detergent. Cool/warm iron if needed. Line dry. 

I saw a mask in your shop but it looks like it's sold out. Will you bring it back? 

In most cases, our fabrics are limited and masks are not able to be restocked -- however, in rare cases we do find we are able to yield more while cutting out masks with the fabric and are able to bring some beloved prints back. The best way to be notified is either to sign up for restock notification (if available), or to stay on our social media platforms as we often notify a restock there. 

We are also working on bringing more fabric designs soon, so please keep an eye out for those as well. 
Will you have new styles coming soon?

Yes, we are working on bringing more fresh fabrics soon, so please keep an eye out for those as well. The best way to be alerted when a new style becomes available is to follow us on our IG and FB pages. Thank you so much for your support.

Where are your masks made? 

Like all of our clothing we design, every cloth mask if made by a professional seamstress here in San Francisco or Oakland, CA. 

Are your masks comfortable? 

Yes! We think they are as comfortable as masks can be. We opted for softer elastics used more often for masks rather than the stiffer braided elastics commonly used in homemade masks. Another way you can wear your mask is to replace elastic loops with ties/string that you like and insert them into the elastic casings and retie in the back of the head. For people who are required to wear masks for hours at a time, this may relief some of the stress the elastics can put on the ears.

We also use soft cottons from our clothing collections on the inside of the masks that provide a pocket for filters. Our customers who have received them have been pleased so far and have placed second or third orders!  Here is an example of a happy customer. 

What ages does the child size work for? I have a smaller face, should I order a child size? 

Our child size masks are best suited for children between the ages of 4-9. Children under the age of 4 the mask would fit larger, but the adjustable elastics can help with fit.

While some of our customers are reportedly happy with a child-sized mask for themselves (see below for an example of a happy customer!), we do recommend choosing the adult size mask when possible to allow for about a 5% shrinkage in the initial wash and also more coverage. 

Is there a difference in size between "men's", "women's, and "adult" masks? I ordered a "men's" mask and a "women's" mask but they are the same size. Why is this?

We apologize for the confusion! We are obviously new to the mask-making business and have been making adjustments and tweaks along the way as we see fit. Initially we had a separate men's and women's pattern, but after making some adjustments, we felt that differentiating between the two was no longer necessary, and decided to make all adult patterns the same. So adults' patterns are based off of the original "men's pattern", while the women-specific pattern went away. Meanwhile, we still have some women's masks made with the previous women's pattern, and those will be smaller than "adult's" and "men's". Thank you for your understanding as we adjust! 

Can I use a discount code on masks?

Our masks are not eligible for discounts so discount codes cannot be applied. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you donate part of your proceeds or donate masks to hospitals? 

Yes! For every cloth mask purchased, we are committed to donating a medical grade mask to a local hospital here in the SF Bay Area. 

Why do you seem to charge a higher premium than some other sellers? 

Every cloth mask is handmade by a professional seamstress here in San Francisco or Oakland, CA who is paid a living wage, as well as our small team to support. We also donate a medical grade mask to a local hospital for every mask that you purchase.

We have prided ourselves in making high quality garments in the last 8 years as a clothing business, and will continue to make "Made in USA" one of our core values as a business. 

Can my organization be considered as a recipient of your mask donations?

We are unfortunately no longer taking any donation requests for hospitals or organizations not within our local community in the San Francisco Bay Area. While we do wish we could fill every need there is, but as a small business working with limited staff, we are sadly unable to meet these needs at the moment. 

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