So now what? Some post trade show ramblings...


this is us excited before our show!  

Ever since we got back from an exciting trip to New York City, to participate at a kids' trade show called ENK (in my previous post), hubby and I have both been experiencing a slight low.  So ironic, isn't it--since we got such positive feedback from people all over the globe, and have gotten into over a dozen boutiques for next Spring/Summer 2014, and are still awaiting results from our Dallas and LA show rooms--all really great things, and for these we are grateful. : )

So I believe this low we feel is the result of our being in a waiting period to get more orders before production for the next season can really start happening.  Besides, we also had an infusion of supernatural adrenaline that kept us working tirelessly since April (just 4 months ago), that has made us feel this sudden depletion of energy to do anything.  We worked so hard, without stopping a single free moment, cranking out Ele Story from our imaginations to execution.  

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that the past 2 weeks, almost every evening without fail, I've come home, gone through the typical routine with the family (making dinner, taking a walk with our daughter, then bath time, then bedtime, etc), and then, almost as soon as our daughter falls asleep, I hurry downstairs to clean up the dishes, so we can start our entire night of intensive TV-watching.  incredible, since for over 2+ years I haven't watched TV.  Basically, I don't even know how to use our remote...when could I ever get the time or the energy, when the baby calls, and Ele Story (our second baby, practically), needs all the help she can get to launch?

I'm happy to say that alas, the magic of TV is finally wearing off a little (plus, I got to the part of "Downton Abbey" that made me really happy heehee), and last night I actually returned to the sewing studio, where piles of "stuff" is just waiting to be put away, or worked on--especially new pants from certain family members (I won't name names) who knew that they can buy pants far too long for them w/o consequences since I am the (not self-proclaimed) family seamstress. : P  I am also finishing some bag projects that people have ordered from me from 8 months ago...I feel badly that it has taken me this long...

So things are looking up, and that I feel like we will be diving in again in no time.  Thanks for reading and for all your encouragement along the way.  You know who you are, and it really matters to have you here.  So thank you. : )

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