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Article: Inspiration


It's not every day that you feel appreciated and that what you do is meaningful.  A few bumps along the road and sometimes you wonder what your purpose is in life (maybe a bit melodramatic haha) : p.  

A couple of months ago as I was on my way to San Francisco for another Ele Story errand, I received these precious photos in my inbox.  An Ele Story fan and fellow mom wanted to thank me for making beautiful clothes for her 2 cutie pies.  

These precious photos of her 2 daughters made me tear up.  Perhaps I was feeling discouraged at the time, or just unsure about the future, and most likely missing my mom (yesterday would have been her 63rd b-day)...I can't recall what I was feeling that day.  But these came so timely for me.  Seeing these made me remember why I do what I do.  

Ele Story is really about inspiration.  How my mother inspired me to design and create everything you see in Ele Story--and in turn, I want it to inspire others to discover themselves.  We all need inspiration in our lives.  Without it, we can lose our sense of purpose.  I am grateful whenever someone like J.S. takes the time out of their busy lives to let me know how much they like Ele Story--you know who you are.  ;)

From the bottom of my heart, J.S., thank you. <3     

 Ele Story - Classic Children's Clothing Reimagined

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