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Article: San Francisco dream photo shoot

San Francisco dream photo shoot

We had an incredible time teaming up with Vivian from High Tea Photography (also a fellow mompreneur local to the SF bay area) last week to shoot some of our fresh-off-the sewing machine designs!  Three adorable little girls, Ellery, Amalia, and Tuuli, (ha, just realized their initials spell "EAT") came to join us for this exciting shoot, with their very supportive and lovely parents (and grandma). :)  

Our starting point was Miette in San Francisco's beautiful Hayes Valley.  Nancy, the store owner, graciously gave us permission to shoot inside their store on a weekday, so there wasn't as much foot traffic.  Ellery, who has been our model since last season, is seen posing here inside the beautiful candy store, gave us our money shot right there.  She's pretty much got the modeling thing down. ;)  And Vivian did a great job capturing the beautiful lighting and I love how all the colors just pop behind Ellery, without detracting from the main subject...

Tuuli, first time modeling for Ele Story, was also so natural, and gave us some beautiful smiles. We loved her deep blue eyes that went with the navy of the dress.  Her mommy, also a photographer herself, says she almost always dresses Tuuli in navy.  I can see why!  The color just pops on her!  This was taken right outside of Miette, on the street corner.  

Amalia (on right), whose mommy received dresses from her mother, who met us at a SF craft fair, reached out to me a while back offering this little cutie pie to model for us.  And I am just so thrilled that it worked out for her to come!  In fact, her whole family come, even baby sister D, who was smiley the whole time!  Despite it being scheduled right at her nap (i'm so sorry for the timing of it!), she was so sweet and just an amazing little girl to work with.  I can't wait to see more shots of her.  This is her and Ellery hanging out right outside of Miette, sitting on the bistro chairs.  SO sweet.  

I have to admit, being a clothing designer, I get very intimidated and scatter-brained during photo shoots, b/c somehow my brain stops being able to see objectively.  In the past I have even done shoots with models who are so much smaller than their clothes, without realizing it until after the shoot...I am always learning, little by little, and am very grateful for the help of the parents of these little ones and the professionalism and the eye of the photographers I have been fortunate to work with.  Vivian was no exception.  Thank you, so much everyone.  Without you guys none of this would have turned out as beautifully as it did.


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