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Article: A Magical Unicorn Birthday Tea Party! (June turns 6!)

A Magical Unicorn Birthday Tea Party! (June turns 6!)

A Magical Unicorn Birthday Tea Party! (June turns 6!)

If you have been following us here on Ele Story, you may know that my little girl June LOVES parties and anything she can make herself.  Almost as soon as last year's "I Scream, You Scream, June is turning FIVE (ice cream themed party)" I blogged in three parts about HERE loaded with DIY's and yummy recipes, she immediately started talking about her 6th birthday party.  I was like, "Hold on little one!  Mommy needs time in between party planning!!!" 

So, our sweet photographer friend Jenny Soi (who also captured this entire party) tipped me off to using to create custom invitations.  I decided to give it a try, and it was fun and easy!  And affordable.  The invitation only cost me $1 to purchase the unicorn graphic, and printing on my home printer with cardstock I already had was easy peasy!  I even made some stickers for the kiddos to take home after the party. 

I was excited about the Unicorn theme idea because, well, as you know, unicorns are magical and they are often associated with rainbows and lots of fun colors.  June already loves rainbows and everything happy, so naturally she picked unicorns!  And did you see this amazing unicorn headband made by Babybirdieboutique?!  Swoon!

We opted to set up a simple little afternoon tea party with little tea sets and unicorn decorations.  But I didn't want it to be over the top, like unicorns everywhere. 

P.S. to celebrate this momentous occasion, we've actually teamed up with five gracious handmade shops who not only contributed beautiful product for our party, but we are also giving away oodles of goodies for you to plan a dream Unicorn party of your own!  Read to the end to find out more!

The centerpiece of the whole tea party was these amazing cake pops my sweet friend Vanessa made for June.  They not only tasted amazing, but looked so cute as well.  The kids could not hold off any longer digging in!  We couldn't believe this was her first time trying to make them!  (P.S. I did not want to bite into their cute faces at was the saddest thing, but oh so delicious!)

My other mama friend Kelsey helped and made Unicorn Rice Krispie treats, using sprinkles c/o Ticings Natural Sprinkles.  They are all natural and delicious, dye free, natural colors.  Definitely feel safer giving those to June!  You can find my little recipe for these from last year's party HERE.

June and her buddies got to wear the newest Ele Story collection that's launching SOON: Unicorn dress in Mint (on the birthday girl), Mermaid dress in Blush (on Elyse), and Bubblegum dress (on Lyla).  June actually helped to choose the fabrics and designated this to be her birthday party dress.

The kiddos dug into their "teas" (really just water, and I had bought apple juice to look like tea just in case.) and treats! ; P  Cheers!!!

From the look on her face, I think June more than approved of her birthday treats, don't ya think? 

Also, in case you happen to have noticed those cute mini unicorn pinatas we had at the party, they are simply the cutest things EVER.  The back of the unicorns near the tails even opens up and you can put little goodies inside!  Keep reading for details on how you can win a set!

Also, Amy at PearlandJane graciously made these amazing banners for her party. 

Early on in her planning process, June and I had also made these little sparkly Star wands to give to each of her friends.  It's super simple to make -- we cut out 2 star shapes from tracing a star cookie cutter, cut some lengths of 1/8" ribbon in rainbow colors, tied them onto a bamboo skewer stick (with blunted ends), and hot glued the star shapes together, sandwitch-ing the skewer and ribbons in between.  They are so pretty and fun to play with!

The clear and frosted white balloons we bought at a local party store and our lovely assistant Swan helped me fill them with colorful confetti before getting them pumped.  She even made the tassels that tied onto balloon strings!  So amazing.

And the birthday girl got to have another change of clothes toward the end of the party.  She opted for our Starlets and Stripes dress, newly released, which went perfectly with her custom made Gemmaandfilo unicorn necklace with rainbow tassels.  Her friend Elyse even got to wear a pink tassel necklace too!  How adorable are these two?

And now, for our finale!  We have so many amazing small handmade shops to thank for graciously contributing to our little girl's special day.  I would say it was a very magical tea party.  And special thanks to our gracious hostess Vanessa, her girls Elyse and baby Aurora, and hubby Timothy (@elyse_and_aurora)!  Also to Swan, Polly, and photographer Jenny Soi (@jennysoifoto) for their help in making this tea party so fun!

Last but not least, Ele Story is hosting an incredible giveaway on INSTAGRAM from now until Tuesday 6/13 with all of these talented ladies to give ONE lucky winner everything they could possibly need for their very own unicorn party!  Here are all the stores and what we are giving away:

@elestory - Unicorn Dress
@pearlandjane - $50 gift card (party banners & decor)
@laybabylay - Unicorn Canvas
@lulaflora - 6 mini unicorn pinatas
@birdiebabyboutique - Unicorn crown/headband
@gemmaandfilo - $50 gift card (tassel necklaces)

Thanks again for all your support of handmade small businesses, and I hope you feel inspired to make your own magical unicorn party!  Be sure to #elestoryparty for a chance to be featured! 
Judy & June




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Judy, what a fun party!! I love all the details! Those mini unicorn piñatas are the best! And I absolutely LOVE the new dresses: unicorn and starkeyscand stripes!! (I’m so glad I have at least one girl! All this girly stuff is so fun!)


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