Cute and Simple DIY Christmas (Mask) Ornament!

With the holidays approaching, we are thinking of creative ways to give to our loved ones this year.

I love making little projects to give to friends and family, and this year, I thought of making these ornaments with our masks inside as gifts. It's super easy to do, and also saves on wrapping paper since they look really nice on their own! 

Here's a quick step-by-step tutorial!

1) Get some clear ornaments. I found these at Target for a dollar each, and they are plastic instead of glass. But you can find them at any craft store and they come in different sizes and shapes too!

2) Take your EleStory mask and fold it lengthwise, hiding the elastic loops. You want to get them small enough to insert into the top of the ornament. 

3) Take the top off of the ornament and insert mask. It is actually pretty easy. Once you put it in, you can take a little stick or pencil and shift the mask fabric around to make it smooth and pretty. Some ornaments are round and twist open in the middle - those would be easier but I personally like how these look with masks inserted. 

Tada! There you have it. Festive ornaments that you can hang on your tree or gift to family and friends. :)  Tag us #elestory if you try it! Would love to see!


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