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Article: DIY: Little Sushi Chef - Felt Sushi!

DIY: Little Sushi Chef - Felt Sushi!

Every since June was 6 months old, we put her in a Japanese-speaking home-based daycare, where the owner, Auntie Y, the nicest fairy-godmother on earth, took care of her for the next 2.5 years until she was ready for preschool.  Neither of us speak Japanese (hubby was adopted from Japan by his loving 3rd generation Japanese-American parents), but we love the language, and loved hearing baby June constantly rattling off in Japanese phrases and songs.  Not only was the caretaker lady the nicest human being, her husband, M, just so happens to be a sushi chef.  

Their daycare provided 3 meals a day (+ 2 snacks), and baby June really thrived under their care.  She was the chubbiest & happiest little girl.  We felt beyond blessed.  June would endearingly call Y's husband, "Chef Mike", as he would indulge little June with his sushi creations.  She even became familiar with the raw fish and loved to eat them.

Anyway, needless to say, June has a refined palette, and her favorite food is still sushi.

So, armed with a bin of felt left over the years, we decided to have some fun, making "pretend sushi" to feed each other. 

P.S. Afterwards, we were so hungry we actually did go and get some real sushi when daddy came home.  

Now, let's make your own!  

DIY: Lil' Sushi Chef's Felt Sushi

Project Time: 30 mins
Best for Ages: 3+ with adult supervision for hot glue use

Supplies List:

­• Colored Felt or Fleece
• Fabric Marker or Colored Pencil
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: Cut out the pieces for each sushi.
- Dimensions have been listed below based on the type of sushi you would like to make.  We've created a handy dandy guide for you here : )

Tamago (egg over rice, wrapped with a strip of seaweed): 7x4 inches white fleece/felt, 1 1x5 inches black felt, 3x2 inches yellow fleece/felt

Nigiri Salmon (salmon over rice ball):
- Rice: 7x4 inches white fleece/felt
- Salmon: 1.5x2.5 inches orange felt + light pink felt scraps for the fatty part

Nigiri Tuna (tuna over rice ball):
- Rice: 7x4 inches white fleece/felt
- Tuna: 1.5x2.5 inches magenta felt

Cucumber Sushi:
- Rice: 7x2 inches white fleece/felt
- Seaweed: 5x1.5 inches black felt
- Cucumber: 5x0.5 inches light green felt + 1.25x0.5 dark green felt

Tuna Roll Sushi:
- Rice: 7x2 inches white fleece/felt
- Seaweed: 5x1.5 inches black felt
- Tuna: 5x0.5 magenta felt

Step 2: Roll the rice (Nigiri)

- Fold the edges (long way) towards the middle, then roll the white felt or fleece, gluing the end with glue gun.

TIP: For the sushi rolls that have a "cucumber" or "fish" inside, first fold the strip of colored filling into thirds and then roll it between the white fleece.  Then wrap a black strip of felt as seaweed around the whole thing. 

Step 3: Decorate and put on finishing touches
- Put the decoration of the sushi on top of the rice based on what sushi you would like to make. Secure all parts with hot glue and be careful of little hands!

(Optional Step): Glue Magnets
- If your little peanut isn’t going to be playing with the sushi, hot gluing magnets to the
bottom make for cute refrigerator magnets!

Step 4: Itadakimas!  Enjoy eating your new creation! 
And, as the Japanese would say before they eat their meals, "Itadakimas"! (いただきます), giving thanks to all the plants and animals, as well as people who have aided in  preparing the food. 

June got a little bit crazy for the camera would think I gave her a helping of sugar, rather than our gluten free, sugar free, felt sushi.

And that's it!  Oh, and as you can see, we are completely twinning in our Prairie Dress Peach Blossom for both mama and girl!  The women's version is still a work in progress, I can't wait to launch them! 

Lastly, if you make your own felt sushi's at home, please be sure to tag us so we can drool over your versions!  #EleStoryDIY #EleDIY

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