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Article: Ethereal Butterfly...celebrating a new beginning

Butterfly dress

Ethereal Butterfly...celebrating a new beginning

I've been dreaming of what has now become the Ethereal Butterfly collection for quite a while now. Like most of my design process, the idea brews in my mind for a while until I can get it down on paper as a rough sketch or pinned onto a dress form for concept. I thought I'd share a snippet of this messy process behind the scenes...

Many would not know this based on how our shop had been operating as usual, but I had actually taken a very long maternity leave of almost a year (not a true maternity leave in a sense that I didn't have to work at all, but I worked just a few hours a week during that time so I could really focus on being with baby Caris). And it is all thanks to my husband and our amazing team for carrying on the work so I could do that.

So, when I came back from this time "away", I was excited about starting fresh. Once baby started sleeping through the night, I had more energy during the day to work. Granted, we had been in a pandemic most of that time, so things were hard and we felt isolated and challenged, so when I think of this collection, with the butterflies symbolizing for me a new beginning, a rebirth, and hope - I found it to be fitting for us right now. 

I was also very fortunate to partner with April Amelia @aprilameliaphoto to cast a beautiful momma and her littles to model this dreamy collection for us. These  portraits of mother and her daughters and the love that they share are powerful images for me personally. These are the moments that I truly hope for my designs to be a part of. 

I hope this new collection will bring you joy and a renewed sense of hope. I look forward to seeing your littles and you in my designs, so please do tag us @elestory #elestory so we can see! 

xx, Judy
designer/founder @elestory 


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