Magic in the ❄️ Winter ❄️

As we approach a new season, I have been reflecting on how much this past year and a half has been a season of isolation and uncertainty for our family, and created in us a desire for change. Our business thankfully hung on last year during the first major wave of the pandemic and beyond, and while it was hard as production on so many designs were nixed, it was ultimately a blessing in disguise as it gave me more time to be with our baby Caris and big sis June.  

The difficult thing though, was not being able to invest in people as much and develop new friendships that we had just formed at the beginning of the pandemic, or keep up old friendships. There was (and arguably may still be) a lot of fear about this novel virus and everyone we knew just went into hiding, as did we. We did not see grandparents, siblings, cousins, neighbors, or friends. If we did, it was brief or from far away. And after so long of not having regular contact with people, the isolation was palpable. Even my happy-go-lucky, introverted husband was starting to feel down. There wasn't much to do or look forward to as things weren't open yet. I'm sure we weren't alone. Covid-19 changed everything, and I'm not sure if things could ever go back to how they were. And I guess I am realizing that that is ok. Because, even in the midst of a dry and hard season, there can still be hope, a touch of magic in the dry spell. 

As this pandemic continues to drag out and wear on us, I have found that my hope is in finding joy in the ordinary, in the everyday life we have with our girls. We may not have taken our annual trips to Asia or even Hawaii (we booked a trip but canceled at the last minute because we didn't feel comfortable flying with Caris yet) in over two years, or have had our solo trips without the kids, but my heart has been filled to the brim seeing my girls grow up and deepen their bond with one another. I have learned to talk less and listen more to God in the quietude, to get on my knees more, in this challenging season of life. 

So when I think about our Winter Wonderland collection that is about to be released later today, it feels like more than just pretty dresses and skirts - of course, it can be that too. To me, however, it is a reminder that there can be something beautiful in the dead of Winter, and to always try to find that glimmer of hope in the difficult seasons of life. I hope that this collection will bring a smile to your faces and a sparkle to your littles' eyes as she experiences some magic this season. 

I am deeply grateful for your following along this crazy journey called EleStory, for your continual support of this dream of ours. It hasn't been easy, but your love and support have been everything to us. So much love from our family to yours.

xoxo, Judy 

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