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Article: May Brings us...Summer Florals (A New Release!)

black embroidery

May Brings us...Summer Florals (A New Release!)

I am so excited to show you our newest Mommy and Me collection: Summer Florals! From conception to finish, this collection took nearly a year to get the fabrics just right (the right shade of blue, the right embroidery, the right fabric weight, etc)!

We're taking pre-orders for these beauties HERE, and are working on cutting and sewing this month! These will ship week of June 4, 2018 (just in time for my Hawaii vacation hahaha. kidding but not ;)...).

I have always loved this maxi dress design on little girls - so for this year, I've altered the strap details on these but kept the basic silhouette the same. But for full disclosure, we essentially redid the entire pattern just to add a new 6/9m size!! Now you don't have to wait until she's bigger to match mama (you're welcome!). ;) And while I was at it, I added some length to the larger girl sizes from last year's similar style (8/9 and 10/12), since so many of your girls are so tall!

And mommas this year will have an Off-Shoulder dress or blouse to choose from - I actually always envisioned this women's piece the minute I was inspired to make this embroidery design. Also, the decision to cut a few blouses (other than they are super versatile!) was primarily motivated by wanting to reduce our environmental fingerprints - we would take any large remnants from cutting the dresses and make as many blouses as we can, and any small amount that's left usually go towards local non-profits or organizations that do creative reuse with children.  - just a little part that we do to try to help Mother Earth.The twirls are a real spectacle on these dresses! Each dress literally requires 2-3 yards of fabric to create - we know we can't skimp on the full twirl effect and let your littles down! 
So twirl away - the custom embroidery details on these are incredibly beautiful. I cannot wait for you to see them in person soon.

I used soft Petersham ribbon for the shoulder straps -- they are softer than grosgrain ribbons even though they have the appearance of grosgrain - they should be nice and comfy on your littles' sensitive skin. Design wise I'm really happy about how they turned out - I wanted to create something a little bit more playful and delicate for your littles - the ribbon ties add a nice touch for when they are frolicking around! 

So, I'm curious - which one is your favorite? Black Petunia or Blue Bonnets (inspired by Kortnee, my talented photographer friend @tumblingsparrow, the talent behind all of these --and even shot some of these in the Texas Blue Bonnets field)?

P.S. We're having a giveaway on both Instagram and Facebook for commenting on which one is your favorite -- so go check us out there and be entered to win one!
I personally can't choose if you ask me...but I do feel like I am ever so slightly partial to the Black Petunia - because I love how striking the black is on the ivory. And black is not a color that I've typically designed with for EleStory, so it's a bold move for me, haha! 

I love how these sisters look in their dresses! So dreamy...

Thank you for continuing to support our handcrafted in California clothes for women and littles - I can't wait to see you in our newest Summer Florals collection - please tag us when you do!


Special lifestyle photography credit goes to my friend Kortnee @tumblingsparrowphotography
Styled stills Jonothan @woodwardphotography

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