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Article: Mompreneurs & Macarons: Spotlight on Kelly Toland

Mompreneurs & Macarons: Spotlight on Kelly Toland

Mompreneurs & Macarons: Spotlight on Kelly Toland

I'm thrilled to introduce our latest blog feature shining a spotlight on the incredible journey of mom-entrepreneur, Kelly Toland. As a fellow mom navigating the exciting yet challenging world of entrepreneurship, Kelly's story resonates deeply with me. Just like Kelly, my family played a pivotal role in building our brand, and I understand the unique dynamic that comes with working alongside loved ones.

Kelly's journey with Le Bon Macaron is nothing short of inspiring. From humble beginnings in Michigan, Kelly, alongside her mom, dad, and sister, transformed a small bakery into a thriving boutique specializing in French macarons. Their shared passion for France and culinary delights paved the way for Le Bon Macaron's success, with three locations proudly serving their community since 2015.

In our interview with Kelly, she shares the highs and lows of her entrepreneurial journey. From juggling multiple roles to cherishing the bond with her family, Kelly's authenticity shines through every word. She candidly discusses the challenges of balancing work and family life, highlighting the unwavering support of her loved ones as the cornerstone of her success.

This is Kelly Toland of Le Bon Macaron (@lebonmacaron).

Who are you and how did you get to where you are? 

My name is Kelly Toland and I am one of the owners of Le Bon Macaron, a boutique bakery specializing in French macarons. I was born and raised in Michigan and call Grand Rapids home. I've been married to my husband for 10 years and together we have two beautiful daughters. My family has owned Le Bon Macaron since 2010 and since 2015 have opened three locations throughout Michigan.

What made you decide to open up Le Bon Macaron?

My Dad found an ad in our local newspaper that a bakery was for sale, just shortly after I graduated from Albion College. My Mom and I purchased it together and made wedding and custom cakes for 7 years. During that time my Dad started to make French macarons and we created Le Bon Macaron as a sister company. What started as a little side hobby turned into something bigger than we ever could have dreamed of! My sister and I both studied French in college and lived abroad in France. Our parents loved visiting us there so our mutual love of France really inspired us.

Tell us about your journey. What has been the hardest part of building your business? What has been the best part?

It has been quite a journey! The hardest part has been juggling so many different roles. I don't have a normal work schedule or a structured time to do work. It happens throughout the day as things are needed. So it can be difficult feeling like I'm always being pulled in one direction or another. When you have your own business you can never truly turn it off! 

The best part is sharing it with my family. What started as a little hobby has turned into a business that I now share with my brother, sister and our parents. We are a very close family and we work well together. I can't imagine doing this alone. We all have our roles (we don't always stay in our lane!) and support each other in theirs.

If you could start all over again, what would you do differently (with your business/life choices), if anything at all? 

I wish I had kept a journal and did a better job documenting everything along the way. I have so many stories over the years and experiences and I just can't remember all of them! I would love to go back in time and read our story.

What is motherhood to you? How has it shaped you?

Motherhood is the best part of my life. My daughters are my favorite people to be with and they make life so wonderful! I am surrounded by so many amazing women, many of whom have been my friends for years and years, and raising our children and being in this season of life together is so beautiful. It was a long and frustrating journey for us to have our second daughter. She is an absolute miracle! That part of motherhood opened me up to an entirely different world and connected me to so many women who also were struggling to expand their family. While it was difficult at times, I am so grateful for the lessons I learned and the friendships I made. Motherhood truly connects you and I think my experiences allowed me to be a better Mom and friend.  

What do you hope to teach your girls as they grow up? 

I hope they always see themselves as I see them and know how much they are loved. I hope they are confident in themselves and in their faith, kind and always true to who they are.

Why EleStory? What do you and the girls like most about dressing up in EleStory? 

It is my most favorite thing to "twin" with my daughters and when I saw your beautifully made dresses I fell in love! It’s special for my girls too when we are matching, they love it! In general society has become so casual and I love dressing up and instilling that in my girls, too. My mom saved numerous dresses from when I was little and I try to do the same for mine. EleStory is a keepsake and I only dream of my daughters having daughters someday and wearing these dresses again. I also love supporting another woman business owner and her dreams!

What are you most looking forward to in this season of your life?

My girls are at a wonderful age, 8 and 3. There is so much magic and innocence at this age. I just want to spend as much time with them as possible making memories as a family. If there is one thing all moms can agree on, it's that time flies by!

Thank you again, Kelly, for sharing your story of being a mompreneur. We wish you and your family much joy and continued success in your business!

photo credit goes to the talented @melaniereyesphotography. Kelly and her daughters are wearing our exclusive Daisy Dreams collection from past season. 

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