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Article: Making your Princess 👑 dreams come true...🌟

Making your Princess 👑 dreams come true...🌟

EleStory's Little Princess mommy-n-me collection is here alas...a year later!

For those of you who have been following me along this journey, you may know that each design takes me roughly bewteen 8 mths to a 1.5 years (sometimes much more) to bring to life. And this year, my own Princess dreams are coming true with our Little Princess mommy-n-me collection finally here! I hope they will be your princess dreams come true too!

It was roughly Spring of 2017 when I first sketched this silhouette in my sketchbook. I just found myself drawn to it -- I imagined the flounces of tulle to bounce with movement and twirl beautifully as well. It is probably one of the most time-consuming design in terms of construction and tweaking each pattern piece (I think there are 20 unique pattern pieces to this style!) I have ever created to date (next to the Flutter dress for girls), not to mention the sewing team's biggest challenge to date! : P Good thing they are such professionals haha.

So I spent a lot of time getting the right amount of ruffles to be just right (for every size the proportion of ruffles have to be adjusted), and also finding the perfect fabrics for it.Top: Original sketch, and bottom: Original samples with original color ideas!
So, even though it took much longer than I had hoped (many failed samples and fit tests later), I am really happy with the final color and fabric choices. I vividly remember sitting on my living room floor when it all came together for me -- I happened to have the blush satin on the floor leftover from another design, and I had stumbled upon this star-embroidered sequin tulle from my fabric sourcing trip last year which suddenly seemed like the right choice. 

The swiss dot tulle layer I kept because I just love the subtle hint of texture. That was actually inspired by a tulle skirt I had seen on my trip to Japan.
They are available in three colors: Blush, Silver, and Pearl, and matching women's maxi Princess skirts! I am working on a top option for mamas but that will come soon...(literally just designed that last week, so I'm a bit behind!). 

And the rosette hair clips are new this year. I had fun designing and making these. They have a little bit of Hollywood glam to them, inspired by my old costume design days.

I am so nervous and excited to launch these and see them on your beautiful princesses! 

The vinyl sparkle crown that our little model has on her head are a collaboration piece between @EleStory and @rolly_polly_bowtique. We will announce these limited edition crowns soon!

Special thanks for my friend Kortnee @tumblingsparrow for taking such gorgeous lifestyle shots with our Princess collection samples, my photographer Jonothan @woodwardphotography for the breathtaking flats and for being patient with my "perfectionistic" tendencies...hehe.

And last, but not least, my friend Ulli @dasfoto-studio for putting together this dreamy video and the last group shot of these sweet girls in all three color ways. Enjoy! May all of our princess dreams come true.

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