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Article: Sparkle like Gems: The Little Gems Mommy and Me Collection

little gems

Sparkle like Gems: The Little Gems Mommy and Me Collection

Sparkle like Gems: The Little Gems Mommy and Me Collection

A beautiful twist on the classic wrap dress: our Little Gems Mommy and Me Collection is finally debuting today (4.12.18), just in time for Mother's Day!

This classic silhouette has its roots for many decades now, stemming from one of my favorite decades ever, the 1930's, and then most notably in the 1970's, when fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg re-interpreted it and instantly popularized it.

Several years ago, I recall putting on a modified wrap dress (without the ties like in my design) and became instantly smitten. I found it to be so flattering: feminine yet bold and confident. And I believe our EleStory customers would agree, based on how well-received our best-selling women's dress, That's A Wrap Dress has been.

Wanting to create something a little more dressy for those special occasions with our little girls, I was so excited when I first spotted these fabric samples on one of my fabric scouting trips. I also knew I wanted to create something that women would not only feel beautiful, but comfortable in as well.

I truly love how the metallic threads of the chiffon woven in a "clipdot" pattern bring just enough sparkle to the overall design without overwhelming it. The sleeves of the Little Gems women's wrap dresses were modified to be a short bell sleeve, elegant and delicate, and designed for us mamas who may desire a little modesty and not show bare arms : ).

I kept the whimsical ruffles in the hemline and up in the overlap panel of the skirt because I really love how that echoes the girls' little angel sleeves in their version of the dress.

And, last but not least, I cannot wrap up this post (no pun intended!) without mentioning the buttery ivory slip that comes with the women's dresses. Made out of the same exact soft rayon jersey knit as the girls' dresses that many EleStory girls have come to love (we get so many happy mamas telling us that their sensory children who typically find clothing irritating, LOVE how comfortable and beautiful they feel in our dresses), these amazingly soft slips are truly a dream to wear. It will feel like your second skin. And we made them adjustable in the straps because, not one size fits all.

We are so proud of this limited edition Little Gems Collection, all cut and sewn by the men and women who take great pride in their work, right here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Can't wait to see you and your littles sparkle in our Little Gems Collection! Tag us when you do! #elestory

Now, which is your favorite color? Opal, Purple Topaz, Jade, or Pink Sapphire? I literally couldn't decide, so we went with all four!



Lifestyle Photography credits in order of appearance:
ElleBakerPhotography mother and daughter clients in Opal
CourtneyBeaverPhotography - lovely models in Purple Topaz
Lyndsiesmithphotography - lovely models in Jade
Alisonmoorephotography - lovely models in Pink Sapphire

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