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Article: Sparkles and Twirls - A Special Feature of a Mommy and Me duo

Sparkles and Twirls - A Special Feature of a Mommy and Me duo

I recently received these stunning photos by @griffithimaging of this beautiful mommy Paige @thelovedesignedlife, and I literally gasped. Paige and her daughter love twinning, and our Ballerina Collection in Snowflake added a touch of magic (and a lot of sparkles!) to their mommy and me photos. And did I mention how beautifully the Ballerina twirls?

If you haven't been following Paige @thelovedesignedlife, give her a follow! She inspires me with her beautiful feed and shares about motherhood!


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awww thank you judy, this is beautiful! we love your dresses!


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