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Article: Twinning this EleStory Ballerina Mommy and Me!

Twinning this EleStory Ballerina Mommy and Me!

A year ago, I designed our very first Ballet-style dresses for girls' (after about 8-9 months of sketching and bringing the concept to life), along with matching mommy tulle skirts, and I never could have imagined the overwhelmingly positive response that we would receive. I had set out to make my little girl's wish of "matching mommy" come true, but little did I know these designs would become part of your stories too, part of creating memories for your families. What a privilege and honor!

Our first ever Ballerina mommy & me collection in Amethyst, consisting of a matching skirt for mama and little.

But so often, with a collection launch, I always feel like I wish I could have brought more designs into life. I had actually also designed a mommy ballerina dress at the same time to match this set, but I felt it needed a bit more fit testing. I wasn't ready to launch a product until it was "perfect".

Now, a year later, I am so pleased to introduce you the first Ballet-style dress for mommas! It is a dream come true for me - and perhaps for many of you too, your childhood dream of being a ballerina might actually come true here. :)

So much love and energy went into this women's maxi dress - many sample iterations and fittings later, we finally landed on the final design - surprisingly we spent the most time on figuring out how much gather ratio to give the skirt so it's the most flattering on the body (not too bulky, with enough sheerness to feel light visually), and also how to achieve the most slimming silhouette (with an elasticized waistband). So I settled on two layers of tulle instead of three like previous year: a shimmery sequin tulle overlay a plain soft tulle, with a soft cotton knit that is the same exact used on the girls' dress as bodice and skirt lining.

As I have always loved these rich jewel tones, and I'm so excited to bring to you "Peacock Blue" and this really beautiful deep hue we're calling "Raspberry Jam". 

Here's the entire Fall18 Ballerina Collection soon to be in New Arrivals! It's a limited quantity release, and I cannot wait to see which colors you'll pick out! 

Thank you for supporting handcrafted in USA! Every piece is exquisitely cut and sewn by the hardworking men and women here in San Francisco.


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