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Ele's Trunk Shows

Contact us if you live in the SF Bay Area and would like to host a trunk show :)

We continue to receive requests to see Ele Story in action, and do periodically host trunk shows in the SF bay area or beyond (Los Angeles occasionally).  These events are by invitation only, so please email if you're interested in attending or even hosting one!

Are you still confused about what trunk shows are?  No worries!  We're happy to explain!  (please read on) :)

"Ele's Trunk" shows are in-home shows with racks filled with the latest and greatest designs we have. The hostess/host opens up their homes and invites all their friends and their children to come and have a casual playdate, with snacks provided by the hostess! Depending on the hostess' preference, there is often times the opportunity to hand make hair accessories with our remnant fabrics so you can make them to go with the outfits you purchase!  Or, you can simply come and enjoy the company of other moms and little ones, and have a fun time making things for free.  :)  There is no pressure to buy anything at all. We just want everyone to come hang out, hear a little about the story behind our creations, and have a little fun. We hope to meet you at one of our Ele's Trunk shows someday!