My little flower girl :)

Some good friends of ours recently asked us if June would be their flower girl for their wedding next month, and I enthusiastically said, "Yes!"  The truth is, I had always wished my parents would have let me be a flower girl--and I don't know the details, but I had been told when I was young enough to remember that they turned people down when the opportunities came for me to be a flower girl...sad!  But never fret, that's one of the reasons why we have mini me's around!  

So I get to see my little girl do what I wanted to do--hopefully she will want it, even if she's too young now to know either way.  I took the opportunity to make her something--it was a great mama-daughter time as we picked out the fabrics together (mostly her telling me "no like it!" oh well, there is definitely no arguing with a 2 yr old).  And there was one (or two) ulterior motive for me to make her a dress.  

I had already been working on a dress pattern for Ele Story, so this would be a fun project to take the pattern for a spin, even if it's in different materials.  In addition, I was scratching my head this year about what to make her for Halloween, and I thought I could make her an angel or princess using the dress she'll already be wearing for the wedding.  But I worry it'll be too cold walking around trick-or-treating in her little gown.  So maybe the latter idea will be replaced by something more brilliant.  We shall see! : )

Anyway, this didn't take long for me to complete (while she napped) since the pattern was all drafted.  The sewing is straight-forward and simple, and the funnest part for me was actually to hand-make the flower corsage I sewed to the bodice.  I used a rhinestone button I had lying around, and the lining material that's shiny instead of a matte satin, and some of the tulle for the ruffles, and a piece of felt--and it just came together!  So fun. : D  Probably the least fun part was making button holes...but I got through it, yay!

And it was SO sweet to see little June get into the dress, all beside herself with giddiness!  She even did a little dance when she first put it on. This little girl melts my heart.

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