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Article: Spotlight on the everyday Ele Story Mama: Asia Kelley-Matthews

Spotlight on the everyday Ele Story Mama: Asia Kelley-Matthews

Happy Friday!  We are continuing the 3 part series of our Spotlight on the everyday Ele Story mom, and today, we are so incredibly excited to feature Asia Kelley-Matthews, our grand prize winner of the Ele Story photo contest! 

Q: What is the best thing your mother has ever taught you?
A: The best thing my mother ever taught me was patience and perseverance. It is so easy to give up on something when it gets hard or uncomfortable and she often pushed me to persevere through whatever adversity or situation that I was facing. Sometimes I would be upset with her but that it was of parenting, to teach our children to deal with situations that aren't always easy.  

Q: What 3 words would you use to describe her?
A: Confident, Strong, and Loving

Q. What is a favorite memory of you and your mother?
A: One of my favorite memories of my mother and me was when I was around twelve years old. We popped a bunch of popcorn and she let me stay up all night and watch all of the planet of the apes movies on marathon on television. We had such a wonderful night together and we still have our television marathon hangouts every weekend.

Q. What is your greatest joy being a mother?
A: My greatest joy about being a mother is just watching my children grow and who they become along the way. I love watching them discover the world through their eyes and the joy they have about life, their perspective of what they have seen brings me so much joy. They are the best part of me.

Q. What is your favorite piece from Ele Story?  Or, what do you love most about Ele Story?
A: What I love most about Ele Story is that they make beautiful, quality, unique pieces that are timeless. My favorite piece thus far is the Pretty Special Dress. My daughter really sparkled and you could tell how special she felt wearing it.

Q. How will you celebrate this mother's day?
A: This Mother's Day we will be going to the art museum downtown. My five year old is very passionate about art and I am excited to see his reactions on his first trip to the museum.

Thank you, Asia, for taking the time to help us get to know more about you.  And your mom sounds like an incredible woman as well. 

xoxo to you ladies, and happy mother's day!

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