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Article: Spotlight on the everyday Ele Story Mama: Brooke Kelley

Spotlight on the everyday Ele Story Mama: Brooke Kelley

Spotlight on the everyday Ele Story Mama: Brooke Kelley

Ever since the conception of Ele Story three years ago, I have been dreaming of the day when I can spotlight everyday Ele Story moms -- real mom's like yourselves, in action. Every woman, every mom, has a story, and I want to listen, learn, shed a few tears even, and walk away feeling inspired and strengthened.  

Three moms were chosen as the winners of our photo contest in early April.  I sent each of them questions to get to know more about them.  Throughout this week we will spotlight them one at a time.

Meet Brooke Kelley, an amazing photographer, wife, and mama to 2 incredible humans

Q: What is your greatest joy being a mother?
A: I have ALWAYS wanted to be a mother. As a child, I used to breastfeed my
baby dolls and played house much longer than is probably appropriate. When
my son was born, there was such a seismic shift in my core. I instantly
loved this tiny human more than anyone could have ever prepared me for.
The same powerful emotions rocked me when my daughter was born 8.5 years
later. It's so hard to express, but I love them both equally, yet
completely differently. To be able to love them as individuals and watch
their little quirks and personalities develop--getting to know them as
they grew--that is my greatest joy. Seeing them become the people they
want to be. They are both so kind, big-hearted, and I can't be more proud
to be their mommy. (But I also really love leaving them with their
grandparents and taking a vacation alone with my hubby) Ha!

Q. What is your favorite piece from Ele Story?
A: I'm completely in love with the lavender dress. It is currently our only
piece from Ele Story, but I know we will be adding lots more.

Q. How will you celebrate this mother's day?
A: We are pretty low key, so we will go to my in-laws house to grill out. I
have the best mother-in-law and want to be able to spend the day with the
woman who raised the man I am crazy in love with and is an incredible
grandmother to our littles.


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