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Article: Because strawberries are so tasty!

Because strawberries are so tasty!

Over the Memorial Day weekend, our little family decided to go strawberry picking, about 1.5 hours south west of us, off the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1).  It was a family-owned strawberry farm called "Swanton Farm". 

And I just have to say, if you want to unlock your inner child, go strawberry picking.  I felt like a kid again just being out there, removed from city life, running around with other excited (a-hem) people (ok, kids mainly).  It was absolutely the hi-light for me.  And June, of course!  I mean, just look at her berry happy smile!  (Ok, that was her humoring me. She didn't get why I thought this AMAZING lip-shaped strawberry was so funny, and why I made her pose for so many pictures with it (below too...and I have more)  She was a good sport about it though.  That's my girl ; P) 

The fields were really remarkable and wide open - I only wish I had taken a better photo to show you...but until I get myself into that photography class, this will suffice.
We were out there for quite a while - there honestly weren't a lot of berries left - it was literally "slim pickin's", but we managed to get 1 lb of really awesome, ripe strawberries.

My absolute favorite part of this place is the little shop where you go in and pay for your pickin's, but also you can get already picked ripe strawberries and any other treats you fancy - strawberry apple cider, strawberry lemonade, chocolate covered strawberries, pies, jam, you name it....and it's an honor system, so you help yourself to paying it.  It really is quite something!

Here's our haul, above and also below, the box in front of June.  And what she's eating is these amazing hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries...she had a couple.
Chocolate mouth, don't care...
Before she managed to eat through the pound of strawberries, I had to have a was DELISH!
Look how cute this place is.  June and daddy went to get some sampling of freshly made jam - they had other berries too, but June picked her favorite berry: strawberry!

I am so pleased with our experience - we would definitely like to make this our family tradition every year.  It was very berry good! ;)  What did you do on your long weekend? 

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