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Article: Ruffles and Bows

Ruffles and Bows

It has been too long, friends!  The past few months have been insanely busy!  Since around Christmas time last year, I have been not only designing for Fall/Winter of this year (2014!), but also finishing making our spring/summer debut this year!  So excited.  Here is a glamor shot of our Rufflin' feathers skirt, and Little Bow-Peep shorts, yes, all tied up and shoved in the back of my trunk.  : p  ok, perhaps some things are not so glamorous.  But nevertheless, they're getting ready to ship out to stores and for our online customers alike!  My only fear is we may have under-produced, as some sizes we only have a couple you don't want to miss these!  They're SO cute!

Ele Story - Classic Children's Clothing Reimagined

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