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Article: Fall/Winter 2014 photoshoot!

Fall/Winter 2014 photoshoot!

Hi friends--I was up at the crack of dawn (ok, for me on a Sunday, 7:30 is the crack of dawn) this morning to get myself and my 38 pieces of garments up to San Francisco for a photoshoot extravaganza.  My friend and photographer Melissa Fuller, and others came out to help.  I am so grateful for the friendships I have formed with these dear friends--it seems that we only hang out on a weekend when I have a photoshoot, haha, as one of them pointed out, but I guess with a young one, it's pretty hard to have a life. ; p

Anyway, it all came together--when I arrived a little after 9am at the SF Conservatory of Flowers, my little model R and her mama JM from work were waiting kindly with a smile, under the little awning, with an umbrella--I felt badly when I approached them b/c no one else had shown up, and they were waiting so patiently for me.  Yes, rain had indeed come, as I had feared.  Friends who know me know that I am not one to adapt very well...well, I try, but it's not easy.  I was concerned for the little kids' getting too cold, and then cranky and wet.  But Mel was reassuring (as she always is--a calming presence for me, thank you girl!), and quickly decided we would meet at our plan B location at the Palace of Fine Arts (hey, where I got married 9 years ago! How time flies..).  So we hopped back into a car, and did some outdoor shots under the big archways.   CB and little E met us there, too.  Oh my, what little cutie patooties.  They seemed to have bonded immediately.  

Then, as the weather got slightly worse, and the girls' hair were getting pretty damp.  So we ran for cover at the Disney Family museum, and got some fruit bowls for the girls, and the adults had their coffee...just getting warmer.  The fruit cups were an instant pick me up for the girls, and they were happy and smiling again for the camera.  Good one, Mel. Phew!  

So the morning ended with the little girls in their cute ensembles, lots of hugs and kisses good-bye, and we broke for lunch.  DR and CC stuffed their faces with bibimbop at my favorite Korean restaurant Han il kwan. :o)  

Then, the afternoon sessions was about to start--my little June bug came with Daddy, and our friend S brought all 3 of her girls, even though the youngest, RL was modeling.  And boy, was SHE so full of energy and just so eager to be our little model for the day.  She was such a blessing and joy to be around!  Her sisters too, so supportive and not whiny at all.  I think they all loved the ocean.  S mentioned that they used to be in San Diego so the girls haven't been to a beach in a while.  

Litte June bug, still recovering from her cold, seemed happy to see me, at last.  She hasn't seen me all day.  She eagerly awaited getting into her dress, but was a bit gun-shy about getting onto the sandy beach.  So we did some sidewalk chalk drawings, and RL was able to do one of those shots with Mel where she lay on the sidewalk with drawings of clouds and rain behind her as a backdrop, holding an actual umbrella.  I know, kind of hard to picture, but I promise it's AMAZING.  

When my friends DR and M (Mel's awesome roomie) drew a giraffe for June bug, she was supposed to look like she was riding on the giraffe by lying sideways on the sidewalk, but yeah...didn't work out so well as it did for RL, who's 1 year older than june and MUCH more excited about doing anything for the photoshoot.  : p  oops.  oh well, maybe next year she'll be much more cooperative.  

Then, little M, our last model, decided to get into some of the clothes, and even though she seemed very hesitant at first about joining in the fun, she eventually did break the quiet shell and had a blast on the beach.  It was a nice breakthrough moment for her and her parents.  So glad!  She was a cutie too.

Anyway, I am wiped.  But as I have no photos yet to tell the story of the day, I can only use words to describe the awesomeness that happened today.  I loved it.  And I am grateful for all the help--more than you know, if you are reading.  I needed every one there who was there today.  Thank you.  

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