Hey May...

Written By Judy Jou - May 11 2015


February 03 2016

Judy!! Couldn’t help reading this (and just checked out all the collections and sales and wish I could buy them all)! Really loved your sharing, especially how God could bring such a joyful renewed season in your life following what has been the losses and mourning of May. I’m thankful for and encouraged by you and pray that God will continue to bring His refreshing and renewal over all areas of your life, just as He has already done. Miss seeing you and Craig!

Joan Ishihara
June 05 2015

Judy, my heart is crying, with sadness for your losing your dear friend so young and your dear mother so too early, and with such joy for our dear, dear June-chan. Just saying her name brings smiles! You and Craig are raising her so very well. Often, June will say, “Mommy said, ….” about how to do things, like flossing before brushing. ☺️ ? ?

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