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Article: Ele's coming to Chicago!!!

Ele's coming to Chicago!!!

Ele Story is coming to Chicago!  Chicago has a special place in our hearts.  That's where hubby and I met in college almost 16 years ago, and now, 10 years in our marriage with our little girl, we are still so fond of Chicago. :)

Sadly though, neither myself nor hubby are able to make the show, but we are REALLY excited that a friend's friend's will be doing the show for us!  We wish we could attend ourselves, but leaving our daughter behind during the busy show months of summer (we have a crazy schedule coming in July) is going to be very hard on all of us.  So curbing back, and hoping to expand our reach just a little bit more. 

So...our new friend Amalia will be manning our Ele Story booth THIS weekend, 6/25-6/26 at the Hideout in Chicago!  Check out our Events page here

Please, please come stop by booth #3 and say hello to her. She’s actually a pastry chef during the day. We are so excited to have a remote host for our Craft fair!

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