A little Halloween DIY EleStyle - The Mouse Princess

The Mouse Princess

Woohoo!!  It's day 2 of our Halloween costume DIY fun, and we introduce to you...The Mouse Princess, inspired by our Ballerina dress in Fog

The Mouse Princess

Mouse Princess Ears

gray and pink fabric (felt is OK)
• s
• g
lue gun
• plain headband
• sewing supplies (optional, if not gluing)

Step 1: Using our mouse ear template, cut out 2 pieces of the gray fabric material and the 2 pieces of the pink fabric material. If you would like to sew your ears, please cut out the dashed outline. For the no-sew option, cut out the solid outline.

Sewing option - Put together 1 piece of the pink and and 1 piece of the gray and sew along the edge at ¼” seam allowance. Remember to leave the bottom edge open to flip the ear inside out.

No-Sew option: Align 1 gray and 1 pink piece together and glue them together.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 for the other ear, making sure that the colors are reversed (the ears are mirrored).

Step 4: Wrap the base of the ears around a headband and sew or glue them on.

Mouse Princess Tail

• ribbon (optional)

For the tail, we chose to make one out of pink fabric using a strip around 4” by 14”. Another option could be to use a ribbon of your choice instead.

Step 1: Fold fabric in half so that the width of the fabric is 2”.

Step 2: Sew along the length edge of the tail, leaving one end open. We sewed diagonally to the center to give the end of the tail a point.

Step 3: Flip it inside out.

Step 4 (optional): Tie a ribbon onto the open end of the tail.

Step 5: Pin the tail to your costume, and have fun!


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