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Article: A little Halloween DIY EleStyle - The Spring Fairy

A little Halloween DIY EleStyle - The Spring Fairy

The Spring Fairy

If you've been following our little Halloween DIY EleStyle posts HERE and HERE, today we present the last little dress up inspired by our Ballerina Dress in Ballet Slipper Pink

You can do this easily with your little ones!  Just follow our quick and easy DIY instructions below, and you've got a little Spring Fairy this Halloween!

The Spring Fairy

Flower crown

flowers and leaves (faux recommended)
• floral stem wire
• pliers
• scissors
• f
loral Tape
• ribbon (2 pieces, about 12 inches each)

Step 1: Bend the ends of the wire to create a loop.

Step 2: Put the ribbons through the loops and tie it onto the wire.

Step 3: Cut small bunches of the flowers, and plan out your crown against the length of the wire.

Step 4: Starting from one end of the wire, wrap the flower and wire together with the floral tape. This step takes some patience as you will need to wrap around each branch and make sure that the tape is tightly wrapped around.

Step 5: After attaching all the flower pieces, finish by wrapping the the floral tape around the loop with the ribbons attached. Bend the wire into a circular form, wrapping it around the head and then tie the ribbon together.

Spring Fairy Magic Wand


• a thin wooden dowel or stick, cut to desired length
• paper or felt
• scissors
• thin ribbon
• glue gun
• decorative materials (rhinestones, glitter, lace, etc)
• if desired, print out our template here to use a pattern

Step 1: Cut 2 pieces of your desired "wand" shape out of paper or felt.

Step 2: Cut a few strips of ribbon 8-12” long.

Step 3: Using a glue gun, glue stick and ribbon down the center of one of the wand fabric pieces you have cut out.  Then glue down the matching piece on the other side, with the stick and ribbon in between the two cut outs.

Step 4: Decorate your wand with rhinestones or other materials.  Enjoy!

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