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Article: A Magical Wedding Weekend: Kyungmin and Anna's Love Story

A Magical Wedding Weekend: Kyungmin and Anna's Love Story

A Magical Wedding Weekend: Kyungmin and Anna's Love Story

My husband Craig and I recently had the honor of attending the wedding of our dear friends, Kyungmin and Anna, in Alabama. Craig stood as best man beside Kyungmin on their big day. It was a was an unforgettable weekend filled with love, laughter, and countless memorable moments. Kyungmin and Anna’s story is a testament to God’s everlasting faithfulness, the power of love, and the beauty of new beginnings, and we are thrilled to share their journey with you.

Our Friendship 

We had both known Kyungmin since college. He was the kind of friend who made you feel special because he was always happy to see you. He listened with an intensity that inevitably invited deeper conversations, rather than just making small talk. I always loved his company. We lost touch after college, but fast forward nearly two decades, we met up during the pandemic in our backyard and caught up on life for 3+ hours. Now living in the same general area, we started meeting every week, almost without fail, and the three of us shared our lives in a deep way. We were each other’s community, and for a while, that was church for us. 

Our house church grew over time, but a year in, Kyungmin told us he really liked a girl named Anna that he met via a Christian dating site. We were surprised, but knowing how picky Kyungmin is, we knew this was serious. Within months of getting to know each other, Anna came out to California with her precious children for a visit. We all fell in love with Anna immediately and knew she was the one for him. Her disposition was so genuine and caring, and felt so compatible with him. It was no surprise that pretty soon, Kyungmin made plans to move to Alabama to be with Anna and her large family the following year. While we were saddened to lose him, we knew that it was God's perfect timing and plan for them. 

The Journey to the Aisle

Kyungmin and Anna’s wedding was more than just a celebration; it was a two-day gathering of family and friends from all walks of life, united to honor their love. The night before the wedding, over steaming hot plates of homemade Korean food made by Kyungmin’s family (some flew all the way from Africa!), stories were shared that reminded everyone of the couple’s journey. Many of us stood up to give the couple words of encouragement and blessings, including Anna’s father-in-law, who gave a toast that left everyone deeply moved and had me bawling. His love for her was so deep, and it was amazing to see him so happy for her, knowing she had found love after losing his son. Emotions were high, and there wasn’t a dry eye in sight as memories were recounted, blessings were given, and the couple’s union was celebrated.

A Defining Moment

For Kyungmin, the most defining moment was seeing Anna walk down the aisle towards him. He describes it as the culmination of all their preparation, planning, and dreams finally being realized. He had waited his whole life for her. As Anna walked down the aisle, the significance of the moment was palpable. She was flanked by her father and father-in-law, each holding an arm, each blessing their little girl and giving her away to the man God had been preparing her for after losing her husband over 6.5 years ago.

 A Touching Procession

There was a beautiful moment during the ceremony that touched everyone’s hearts. Four little flower girls, dressed in our Garden Lace dresses, walked down a bamboo trail into a clearing. The oldest girl led her little cousin, who had recently learned to walk, their tiny bodies wrapped in light floral lace. Cora, Anna’s daughter, shined in her dress as well. The air was filled with song, a declaration of confidence in the God who knows and sees all the days of our lives. It was a poignant reminder of the past and a hopeful glance towards the future.

 A New Chapter Begins

As Anna stood at the end of the trail, looking at Kyungmin, who was openly weeping, the significance of the moment was overwhelming. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, the couple exchanged vows, marking the beginning of their new chapter together. Kyungmin even made vows to both Caleb and Cora, which brought more tears to everyone who bore witness.

Anna reflects on this moment as a reminder of all that had been and all the rich life that was to come, with the confidence that they are held through it all.

EleStory’s Role

We were incredibly honored to have our Garden Lace dresses be a part of this special day. Anna and Kyungmin chose EleStory for the flower girl dresses because of their timeless design and delicate beauty, which matched the theme of their wedding perfectly. Anna also chose our Garden Lace women’s dress for her morning-of-wedding dress.

She even had a veil with flower motifs embroidered that echoed the Garden Lace dresses. Anna hand-dyed silk dresses into varying shades of blue, referencing the paintings she had made of water’s rippling effects, which she gifted to both sets of parents—to signify that what they had done had a beautiful ripple effect on her life and the life of her children. The entire wedding was breathtakingly beautiful.


The Garden Lace dresses added a touch of elegance and innocence to the ceremony, perfectly complementing the heartfelt atmosphere of the wedding.

Looking Ahead

Kyungmin and Anna are looking forward to their future with hope and excitement. They are eager to embark on this new journey together, confident in the love and support of their community. Kyungmin is embracing fatherhood and loving being Caleb and Cora’s dad. 

We are so grateful to our friends for allowing us to share their beautiful story. It was truly one of the most beautiful weddings I have been to. We loved that we got to be a part of this amazing love story, and cannot wait to see it continue to unfold. 


photo credit: Shelby Rose Photography 

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