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Article: A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Enchanted Lace Mommy-n-Me Collection

A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Enchanted Lace Mommy-n-Me Collection

White lace. It’s what we dress our baby girls in for a special day: a christening, communion, a birthday, a holiday. A dress fit for a flower girl or a winter celebration full of family and glittering lights. We reserve it for the most magical and extraordinary of days, even for a bride.

“White lace dresses are not just dresses in these instances—they are rites of passage. They mark moments in time that just don’t feel quite the same if the guest of honor isn’t sheathed in pristine white lace…white lace is synonymous with purity, innocence and new beginnings.” ~ The Psychology of Lace by Grit & Glamour

I remember so vividly a beautiful, intricately embroidered white organza lace dress that my mother had bought to wear for a kindergarten graduation ceremony as the principal of the school.  When I saw my mother trying it on, I was struck by how beautiful the embroidered detail was, and how well it fit her. I immediately asked her if one day, I could borrow the dress to wear for a special occasion. I was only six at the time, my daughter June's age. Mom did not have to save it for long -- by age 10, I had grown a little taller than her, and I decided that the special occasion would be my piano recital. 

Mom had the dress dry cleaned and it was still intact in the thin plastic garment bag where it hung for several years, waiting to be brought out again. I eagerly tried it on, and it fit perfectly like it did on my mother years before. I had hung onto that moment since then-- the moment when I felt like I had truly grown up, no longer a little girl, but now a lady in a beautiful white lace gown. Unfortunately my sister and I cannot locate this lace dress since our mom passed away 10 years ago, but the beauty of it is marked forever in my mind.

So, a couple of years ago, when June was asked to be a flower girl of our friend's wedding, and the bride was having a custom lace gown made by her aunt for her wedding, I started dreaming of designing a lace dress for June to wear that was unlike any other flower girl dress I had seen. I came upon this most exquisite embroidered lace that we have called "Enchanted Lace", and fell in love. I knew I had to design something from it, build a collection around it.  

As I created this mini collection, it makes me smile thinking about all the little girls who will get to wear these special lace pieces, and how with each piece, I am paying tribute to not only memories of my mother in her intricately embroidered dress, but perhaps, even if just for a moment, also letting your little girls feel a little grown up, like little ladies in beautiful white lace.

Our Enchanted Lace mini collection is part of our Lace & Sparkles Collection, is ready to ship immediately (Women's Skirts, Girls' Skirts, and Enchanted Lace Dresses), and includes an accompanying mommy skirt available for the very first time. The Bows & Laces Swing Coat is also a great compliment to these girls' pieces.  Every piece is designed by yours truly and expertly cut and sewn in San Francisco.


Photography and models credits go to the amazing Alison Moore Photography. Thank you for capturing these special moments for us.

And also special thanks to our staff writer Cassandra Smolcic, who contributed to the writing of this blog post.

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I would love to order the enchanted lace mini dress again in a size 10 and/or 12. Please let me know if I need to send a picture.
Can yall still make it?


Jenny Harris

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