Little Dress on the Prairie...

They say good things take time...and our Prairie dress in cream floral is that one good thing that will stay in your little one's wardrobe all season long. 

I literally had one yardage of this remnant cream floral cotton gauze left from a few years back, and something kept drawing me back to it. I finally followed my heart and tried cutting it into the Prairie dress -- the original cream floral sample was more white than cream, so I actually tea-dyed the sample (took all of 4 tea bags haha) to get the perfect shade of cream.

If you've been following us for a while, we launched our first ever Prairie dress three years ago in a few fabrications -- I loved the carefree, adventurous spirit this dress seems to convey...and now I am even more excited to bring it back after all these years in my new favorite classic print - cream floral.

And the best part is it goes perfectly with the women's wrap dress in cream floral, another one of my personal wardrobe staples every spring/summer!

Special thanks to Ashley @ashleyhobelphotography for these gorgeous photos of her and her little 5 yo Willa (who is actually wearing our sample that fits closer as a size 6/7 by the way). Love seeing their closeness and sweet bond. 


designer/co-founder @elestory

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