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Article: Oh-So-Adorable: ­čî╝Butterscotch­čî╝ Flutters & Honey Blossoms Wrap Dress!

Oh-So-Adorable: ­čî╝Butterscotch­čî╝ Flutters & Honey Blossoms Wrap Dress!

If there was a color that I (not so) secretly adore, it would probably have to be yellow -- to me, it is the happiest color of all - it makes me think about yellow flowers in the fields, sunshine, warmth, and just pure bliss! 

Also, a little known fact: it was my older sister's favorite color for as long as I could remember, and of course, I had to be just like her! She loved the color so much that she would always pick the yellow checkers in a game of Chinese checkers that we often played together to pass time. I think because of that, I have a special affinity for this color.

So when I decided to keep this season's Flutter dresses more limited in color ways, yellow had to be one of them. And it pairs so sweetly with Summer Picnic, the sister to Butterscotch and featured in our last blog post HERE. 

People often ask me what my design process is: Which comes first, the sketch or the fabrics? Well, the short answer is: everything kind of comes all at once! It might seem like a cop-out answer, but honestly, I don't think there's ever a moment when my brain isn't designing. 

Sometimes a fabric inspires the design, other times the fabric (I believe) can only work with a particular design. In this case, when I came across this beautiful yellow/cream gingham we named "Butterscotch", I knew right away it would have to be the Flutter dress silhouette. I searched and found the prettiest honey yellow cotton floral gauze, and the design was finally complete -- this became the yoke and sashes of the flutter dress, as well as the women's That's A Wrap dress in Honey Blossoms.

It's the perfect shade of yellow, and Bonnets, Hair Bows, and Boys' bow ties are part of the accessories for this collection.


Special Acknowledgements: My beautiful friend Ali @Alimoorephotography has graciously modeled this set with her girls for us. I cannot love these ladies more.

 And the sweet sisters who modeled our Butterscotch and Summer Picnic Flutter dresses and bonnets are captured by the talented Rachel Crane @Cranecophoto.

Thank you both, from the bottom of my heart.


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