Spotlight on Sophia @sophia.elrae + Giveaway!

Today, we feel so honored to feature my friend Sophia @sophia.elrae, whom I first "met" through Instagram about a year ago and instantly fell in love with. I remember being captivated by her through reading her stories on her blog and Instagram, and felt a connection to her as a woman and mother.

She has a way of reaching out to other mamas like myself through her genuine and authentic sharing--life isn't perfect by any means, but there's so much beauty to be seen and felt even in the midst of brokenness.

I finally have a chance to ask Sophia if she would share a bit more about herself with us, and I'm so happy to be able to share with you here:

What is your greatest joy being a mother?
For me its the simple things such as their hand on my cheek, or hearing them giggle.

What is the best thing your mother has taught you and how has that influenced you as a mother yourself?

To always compliment others whether that be a stranger or your grandmother. People want to be heard and seen by others.

How has having daughters changed you as a woman/person?
It has opened my eyes to the beauty of uniqueness. We are so different yet that is what makes us so close and aware of each other. They have taught me how to love myself better.

What are you most passionate about?
I am most passionate about writing, empowering women to own their own beautiful stories. I want to empower others to not live out of a place of fear and shame but of love and freedom. I pray my girls sense and exhibit this in their own lives.

If there is one phrase you want your daughters to live by, what would it be?
I wrote this poem and if there is ever something I want them to take to heart, it is to live out of a place of freedom, not fear when it comes to their own personal life and decisions.

Because high above the treetops,
far beyond the horizon,
my heart is beating fast,
my voice is singing out.
Freedom has caught ahold of me.
Freedom has set my heart ablaze.
Freedom has called my name like the wind reminding me where to gaze.
Above, beyond the haze into the eyes of grace and redemption.
There lies my heart and soul. There lies my whole self.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?
The fourth of July parade with all of my families, bbq and yard games after! So nostalgic.

What are your favorite piece(s) from EleStory and why?
The beautiful white dresses with dainty flowers on them, they remind me of something vintage and summery. The attention to detail amazes me.

Anything else you’d like for our EleStory readers to know about you?
My family loves being outside, and hosting people over for dinner or picnics. We are gatherers of people, big and small groups all.are welcome and made to be family in our home.

We are so glad you shared a snippet of your story with us, Sophia! And EleStory friends, I hope you walk away feeling inspired by her heart as I have been. Sophia and her sweet girls are wearing our Mommy and Me collection. Sophia is beautiful in our That's A Wrap Dress in Cream Floral and the girls Beatrice and Elouise are in Flutter Dresses in Lavender Linen.

And as an added bonus, on Thursday 2/15, we have teamed up to give away an EleStory $100 gift card! Please follow @sophia.elrae and @elestory to find out entry details!


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