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Article: Rare Disease Awareness: Help Sweet Iris & Children like her...

Rare Disease Awareness: Help Sweet Iris & Children like her...

Today is Rare Disease Awareness Day, and we join the millions from around the world, friends and families of ones with rare disease in the hopes of someday ending this for good.

A year ago, I wrote a blog post about my friends' daughter, Iris, who suffers from a fatal rare disease called GM-1 gangliosidosis, which has been robbing her of motor and speech abilities.  And there is still no cure for this.   We celebrate that Iris just turned 9 a couple of weeks ago (happy birthday, sweet girl!), but are saddened that many children with GM-1 do not make it to their birthdays.  

Today, we want to help Sweet Iris and find a cure.  A portion of every piece you purchase will go towards Cure-Gm-1.  

You can also donate directly to the Cure GM-1 Foundation or join Sweet Iris in her journey through their facebook page Help Sweet Iris.

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