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Article: Spotlight on the Everyday Ele Story Mom: Nell Alt

Spotlight on the Everyday Ele Story Mom: Nell Alt

During this season of feeling especially grateful, I feel so fortunate to not only be able to create clothes for little girls that celebrate their innocence, but also for the opportunity to continue to discover fellow moms who inspire me with who they are. 
Today, we are spot-lighting Nell Alt, who is a mama and a blogger at Wholeparentingfamily
P.S. And don't you just love the Alice Blue linen flutter on her little girl and the Buttercup linen flutter for the baby that's coming?!  {insert all heart eyes} 
Without further ado, please continue on to get to know this amazing mama better.  Thank you again, Nell, for allowing us to feature you.
1. What is the best thing your mother has ever taught you?
The best thing my own mother taught me was that to be kind was more important than pretty, smart, successful, or anything! 

2. What three words would you use to describe her?
My mother in three words: capable, generous, loving.

3. What is a favorite memory of you and your mother?
My favorite memory of my mother is how she accompanied me when I traveled with my horses, showjumping across the Midwest. This tenacious woman knew nothing about horses and was a little frightened of them but she helped me clean stalls, even walked them (!), and was my biggest cheerleader. One summer we drove a truck & trailer all around, just the two of us. Neither of us knew how to change a flat tire—but we got lucky and never had to.

4. What is your greatest joy being a mother?
My greatest joy being a mother is to watch my children grow into themselves and take delight (or even learn hard lessons) in their world.
5. What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about creating supportive and loving community, through blogging, creating, women’s ministry, and regular meal sharing!
6. If there is one phrase you want your daughter to live by, what would it be?
The one phrase I would want my daughter to live by is “Love begins at home”—Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
7. What is your favorite way for creative outlet?
My handsewn baby textiles in my shop: Whole Parenting Goods  Even just sewing a quick pair of leggings or packaging up an order of carefully curated gift sets brings me such joy. 

8. What is your favorite way to inspire creativity for your children?
To provide them with the paints, crayons, and paper and sit with them while they draw their hearts out!

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