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Article: Would you like a sneaky peek?

Would you like a sneaky peek?

I finally got some photos compiled from the photoshoot 3 weekends ago now…my friend Melissa Fuller did such an amazing job with the girls and the photos--I honestly had the hardest time picking which ones to feature.  I loved so many of them!  Well, here it is, the little "postcard" of Fall/Winter 2014.

My favorite moments from the photoshoot, when I reflect upon it, are really the mommy and daughter moments with these girls.  It hit me hard seeing little E and little R snuggle with their moms when they were feeling shy, tired, grumpy, or happy!  It always gives me the chills to see such snuggling.  I think those are the moments of beauty in this life that we don't pause long enough to enjoy sometimes…I have to remember that they're only little once…<3  

Ele Story - Classic Children's Clothing Reimagined

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