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Article: Get out the Confetti and Let's Party! (June turns 8!!)


Get out the Confetti and Let's Party! (June turns 8!!)

My little one just turned 8! I know I say this every year, but truly -- I can hardly believe how big she is. My husband and I cannot believe how fast the years are going by, and how much she has grown. As her mommy, I couldn't be more proud. 

Every year, she has a special request for her birthday, and this year was no exception. She specifically wanted sprinkles and donuts, some of her favorite things. And of course, she still thinks I'm cool and loves to match me! 😂

Upon receiving the "confetti" fabric sample late last year, I immediately fell in love with the metallic colorful dots, and got to work sketching. I had a lot of fun creating this collection because I knew I wanted to do something very different from any other silhouette I've designed in the past. I envisioned something fun that she could party in, something inspired by her love of sprinkles and full of whimsy. And June, our junior design assistant, was eager to offer some art direction, and modeling all of our development samples, of course. The girls' confetti had to pass the twirl test. This may just be the first dress with the most tulle ruffles we've ever created, and the results are just! I hope you think so too!

Then, the party planning began...I envisioned an intimate and simple outdoor picnic-style party for June, and with the help of my friend Myri, local party stylist @funandconfetti, my ideas came to live in the most beautiful way! 

She sanded down a wooden pallet from her husband's work place to use for a little party table set up, and a local party shop @harlowandgrey generously contributed the most beautiful paper plates and napkins, as well as rose gold paper garlands for our little party!

Each guest also was given a glass milk jar with a decorative pink and white paper straw to sip on June's favorite drink, strawberry lemonade. A few blankets and pillows we had already were laid out around the pallet table and provided interesting texture and made it so soft to sit on. 

Hubby and I picked up a vintage tea cart that was already painted a beautiful robin's egg blue to hold our drinks and tray of donuts (with sprinkles, of course!!!), among other little treats that June likes.

My sweet friend Vanessa @elyse_and_aurora used to have her own baking business and made the most amazing cake with cute polka dots, to match June's little sprinkles and confetti theme! Thanks so much, friend!

It looked as beautiful as it was delicious!

I picked up from a local Farmer's market that morning some of my favorite flowers (pink and peach ranunculus and baby's breath) and grabbed a couple of mason jars from home for a very simple but elegant decor. 

Our little guests were each given a party hat that I bought from Urban Outfitters. I love these because they're not so big that they are uncomfortable to wear, plus they have a nice range of colors with a rim of gold glitter at the base. 

Our exclusive @daintycheeks x @elestory collaboration dolls made a special party appearance too! Piggy matched June in her Confetti dress in Peach, and Lamby donned her white confetti dress that matched Aurora and Elyse, June's little friends. Uni the Unicorn in Rainbow dress too, made a special appearance (she is no longer available in the shop) to match Cece, who wore our Rainbow Magic dress for the occasion.

(P.S. These dolls in Confetti dresses are only available in our shop through June 20th to domestic U.S. customers.)

All in all, my little birthday girl had a blast, especially feasting on this sprinkled donut that was almost the size of her face! 

Wishing the happiest 8th birthday to my beautiful, joyful, kind-hearted, compassionate little girl. I tear up as I write this - every year with you has exceeded our wildest imagination and expectations. I love every little thing you say, I love the way you crack yourself up thinking you are the funniest human, and the way you have been somersaulting nonstop on our bed so you can stall bedtime just a little longer. Every kiss, hug, and every sweet word you whisper to your baby sister inside mommy's belly, melts my heart. I wish you never have to grow up, that you will stay my little girl forever-- and yet I also experience so much joy seeing you grow in ways that bless me and everyone around you. So, enjoy your big day, and eat that donut to your heart's content (thankfully it's only once a year)! 


Special thanks to the talented @Kandacephotography. You have captured our little girl's birthday bash so beautifully, and I know I will look back on these photos with so much fondness. xx Judy

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