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Article: 'Tis the Season: Fall Ballerinas are here!

'Tis the Season: Fall Ballerinas are here!

Well, the end of August and school starting back up for the little ones usually marks the beginning of our Fall season...can you believe it? I hope you all got to soak up the sun this summer -- I know we did!!! But, Fall is still one of my favorite times of the year, so I'm welcoming it with my arms wide open!

This Fall season, design wise for our Ballerina collection, I decided to do something out of my comfort might find it hard to believe, but I have never designed anything in what you might call "Christmas colors". And I know that's what many of you have been wanting...and waiting very patiently for me to make that mental switch haha. Last Fall season (if you can remember that far back!), I got closer with our Raspberry Jam and Peacock Blue here, both jewel tones...but this year, we have a gorgeous shade of burgundy we named "Winterberry", and a deep hunter green called "Spruce". Oh, and let's not forget "Powder"! It is similar to Marshmallow from two Fall seasons ago, except the tulle layers are all ivory, no gold lurex tulle in the midst -- so it'll look more pristine than with a gold undertone. 
We also opted for a constellation of gold (halo-like) sequin stars, rather than the star/moon/sun larger sequins that we had the last two years. I like how dainty these stars look and also are quite sparkly! I've been calling them galaxy sequins internally. 

You can wear them matching with your littles, or, mix and match! 

Aren't these girls so lovely?!

Also, mommas this year get a matching ballerina tulle skirt in a midi length! I have no lifestyle photos to share of these yet, but believe me, they are stunning! We will be sharing more as we receive the stay tuned! 

I hope you will love our new Fall Ballerina collection as much as we do! I hope you will see and feel the quality of our pieces -- each piece is meticulously hand cut and sewn by our expert team in San Francisco.

Can't wait to see photos of you and your families this season! Be sure to tag #elestory on social so we can see!
P.S. Special thanks to...
Brittany from @raisingwildones (mama with two girls), @Jennifermartinphotography (mama with girl in spruce), 
Meshea @olivegrayphotography,
and last but not least, my beautiful friend @Jessesalterphotography (mama with girl in Winterberry)

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