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Article: Lovely in Lilac: Mommy and Me Spring Ballerinas!

Lovely in Lilac: Mommy and Me Spring Ballerinas!

With Spring (almost) upon us (or we could wishfully think!), we are beginning to think in pastels: oh-so-many pretty shades of pastels! And while our little team can't agree on a favorite, I have to say, Lilac gets me every. single. time.

I am not exaggerating when I say this - I walked into our cutting/sewing house the other day, and upon entering, not yet registering what I was seeing being laid out on the cutting table, I gasped. Then I immediately did a double take - what was laid out, and so breathtakingly beautiful (not fully captured by my phone camera in less than ideal lighting), was none other than layer upon layer of tulle and sequined tulle that we call Lilac. And parts of the ballerinas being sewn -- the whole place felt magical!

I'll be having some fun featuring each colorway of our Ballerina collection here on our blog. I'd love to know what your favorite color is!

Here are some of my favorite photos of the Lilac Ballerina Mommy and Me collection, modeled and captured by my friend Ali (lifestyles).

Major sisters dance envy!

IIt's so fun to see our dresses go from being on mannequins... totally being in action!

It's seriously the best feeling in the world!

So...what do you think? Are you loving Lilac as much as I do? :) I truly can't wait for you to receive these - every piece is proudly handcrafted by our expert sewing team, from cutting to finishing - all in San Francisco. Let us know how much you love your #EleStory by tagging us! It would make our day!


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